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 Application Layout + Info

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Application Layout + Info Empty
PostSubject: Application Layout + Info   Application Layout + Info EmptySun Dec 25, 2011 9:29 pm


*In-game Name:




*Skype name:

*do you have a microphone?:

*Are you able to speak clear and understandable English?:

*On average how many hours a day do you play games online?

*Will you be active on the forums?

*Tell us about yourself & your gaming background:

*Have you been in any other clans? If so, why did u leave/get kicked?

*Who recruited you? (if anyone did)

*Why do you want to join [RQ] ?

*On a level of 1-10, what skill level do you consider yourself? (Please note, if you put a 1 here, we won't just dismiss your application, this is your personal estimate)

* are required fields.


The age limit to join Rq is 15 or above. but you also need a certain level of maturity.

If you enter the clan, you will become a Moderator at start and work your way up to 40-80 admin.

We are looking for very skilled players so you will be tested in several tryouts if you pass with your application.

Please take your time when you write your application.
If your Applications isn't answered within 2-3 days don't panic we will look at it just have some patience.

Click here to write an apply!!
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Application Layout + Info
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